In recent years, many different brokers and platform developers have released mobile apps suited for binary options trading on smartphones and tablets.

While it is true that it is possible to do binary options trading directly in the browser window on a mobile device, downloading and installing an app comes with certain advantages and is something you could consider if you are interested in binary options trading on the go.

Some brokers have been really good at making their standard browser offering suitable for small touch-screen devices, but there are also quite a few platforms out there that feels like a “squashed and squeezed” web site when we access it through the browser of a smartphone. Navigating using a touch-screen can also be tricky unless the site is really well designed. When it comes to binary trading – where one miss-click can end up costing $$$$$ – it is not difficult to understand way many traders prefer to download and install a mobile trading app to get the optimal mobile interface.

mobile app

Operative systems

It is important to select a trading app that is compatible with the device´s operative system. A trading app developed for an iPhone running iOS will not work on a Samsung phone running Android and vice versa.

If your mobile device is using iOS or Android, you will have plenty of trading apps to chose among. If it is a Windows Mobile, your choices will be a bit more limited. For other mobile operative systems, finding a trading app will be much more difficult and you might need to do your trading directly in the browser window instead.

The broker and main platform

If you already have a broker and desktop trading platform that suit your needs, the easiest choice is to check out their mobile app offering. Hopefully, they will have a great mobile app available for you and you will be able to use it with your existing long-in information and from the same trading account.

If the mobile app is disappointing or no one is available, you may need to consider signing up with another broker to get access to a better mobile app for your binary options trading. To this end, you need to consider a lot of the same aspects as when signing up for a desktop broker. Below, we have listed just a few examples of things that are good to keep in mind:

  • Available underlying assets, instruments, financial products, etcetera for the binary options
  • Costs
  • Regulation
  • Reputability of the broker and platform
  • Transaction methods and transaction costs for deposits and withdrawals

Demo Account

Many brokers will be have to give you a free demo account that you can use to access their trading app. A free demo account comes filled with play-money and can be used to make virtual trades with the broker without putting any real money on the line or even making a first deposit. It is a great way to find out if you like certain app or not. A demo account is also great for leaning how a new app works without ending up doing costly mistakes.

Evaluating the trading app

Below, we have gathered some pointers that can be good to keep in mind as you evaluate various trading apps to find the right one for your binary options trading.

The interface

Do you like the interface?

Can you navigate the app quickly enough and put in the orders correctly without too much fuss?

Is it possible to customize the app to suit your preferences better?

Does the app work well, or is it slow, buggy and/or have a tendency to freeze? There are so many great trading apps available today that there is no need to stick with one that does not perform well.

Integration with your main account

If you want to be able to use only one account and switch seamlessly between app-trading and desk top-trading, making sure you go with a broker that offers this.

Will you get full access to the same binary options as with the desktop version?

Some brokers only provide a limited assortment of binary options within their mobile apps, requiring you to log-in from a desktop computer to get access to the full range. (Fortunately, this is becoming less common.) Make sure the app contains all the binary option types and underlying assets you utilize for your particular trading strategy.

Deposits and withdrawals

  • Can you make both deposits and withdrawals directly in the app? Some apps are for trading only and would require you to log in on a desktop computer to do these transactions.
  • Does the app accept any transaction method for deposits and withdrawal that you feel comfortable using and that is not overly expensive to use?

Alerts and news

How can you customize the alerts and news from the app? An app that gives too many alerts and constant news prompts is annoying, but an app that doesn´t alert you about important things can also be a problem. Therefore, it is best to use an app that you can customize to a high degree when it comes to news and alerts.

Access to the customer support

How easy is it to reach the customer support directly from the app? Many modern trading apps make it easy by including buttons for live chat support and phone support.


Are there any particular tools or features that you would wish to use directly in the app? For instance, a trader relying on technical analysis might like to have access to suitable charting tools directly in the app.

Educational materials

This is not a top priority, but it is nice to have a trader app that comes with free and useful educational material, e.g. articles, videos, pods, and more.

When you get stuck in line and reach for your phone to keep you entertained while waiting, don´t waste the moment on doom scrolling. Instead, open the trader app to access interesting news, articles and educational materials that can help you become a better trader.